Can I import data I already have?

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I have existing data that I would like to use on the Cadasta Platform. Can I add that data and how?

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The Cadasta Platform has an option to import many types of data inputs. This document will detail the steps needed to import these data types.

1. Text \ XLS (comma, space, or other forms of delimiters)

A. Go to the Cadasta Portal -> Content

B. Press the “Add Item” link -> From my computer

C. Press the “Choose File” button and navigate to the relevant directory on your workstation.

D. Follow the instructions to define the location fields (or add as a table)

E. Press the “Add Item” button

2. Existing geodatabase (Esri or in an open-source format)

3. Existing ArcGIS Online repository

4. GeoJSON

5. KML

6. SHP (should be zipped)

7. GPX

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