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Exporting Data from ArcGIS Online on a XLS and CSV Files


Users should have an ArcGIS Online account and a survey form for data collection should have been created and published. Ideally, it would be good to have some data already collected.


With increasing complexities on data interpretation, partners often want to explore and use other platforms to perform data analysis. While ArcGIS Online provides functionalities to analyse and visualize data, it is also important to be able to export data in other formats such as Excel and CSV file formats.


1. Log-in to the Cadasta Platform

2. Navigate to the group or content tabs

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3. Select a previously created and saved feature layer

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4. Navigate and click in the Overview tab

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5. Review the menu tabs in the right hand side

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6. Select the Export Data tab

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7. Select the down arrow next to Export Data

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8. See the existing Export data format

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9. The most common formats are Excel and CSV files

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10. Click on the Excel format tab

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11. A new Export Excel window will pop-up

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12. To complete the export, fill out the field Title and Tags

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13. Fill out the Summary (optional) and choose the folder in which the exported file will be saved

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14. Proceed by clicking Export

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15. A new window will pop-up with a new title

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16. On the right hand side click Download.

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17. The file will be downloaded to the directory chosen. Most commonly: My Documents, Downloads, etc in your device

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18. The same instructions apply for CSV format