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Introduction to Map Viewer

The following steps will explain how to open and use the Map Viewer in the Cadasta Platform.


You must have a user account on the Cadasta Platform, based on ESRI’s ArcGIS Online product.


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1. Navigate to the Map Viewer by clicking Map from the top bar

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You can navigate to the Map Viewer from any Feature Layer item details page by clicking Open in Map Viewer

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2. See the My Map page overview

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3. The Home button allows you to navigate back to the main navigation options

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4. Select Details to navigate to About, Content, and Legend sections

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5. Select Content to view layers (and Layer Options)

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6. Select the Layer Options to access Show Legend, Show Table, Change Style, Filter, Perform Analysis, and More Options

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7. Select the Legend to view layers in their symbolized form

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8. Select Add to add layers to a map

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9. There are multiple options for adding data layers to the map: Search for Layers, Browse Living Atlas Layers, Add Layer from Web, Add Layer from File, and Add Map Notes

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10. Select Basemap to choose a basemap

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11. Navigate to Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Home location by using the Navigation Console

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12. Save your map by selecting Save

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13. Share your map by selecting Share

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More Information

ESRI Resource: Explore a Map