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Exporting Individual Survey Entries as Reports


Users should have an ArcGIS Online account and a survey form for data collection should have been created and published. Ideally, it would be good to have some data already collected.


To print individual survey responses, the Cadasta Platform provides the functionalities to download a survey response as form in a default format or one can customize a form to a desired format. This feature enables the presentation of a survey response as a feature report.


1. Log in to the Survey123 Connect in a web browser

2. Select the survey with responses you wish to print

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3. Go to the Data tab on the Survey123 website

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4. Check that the show individual response option is enabled

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5. Select a feature and the survey response will appear on the right

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6. Select Print to print the information as it appears in the panel

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7. On the pop-up box, under destination select Save as PDF and then click Save

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