Part C Handout #2

Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots of Web Maps


This handout will provide step-by-step guidance on how to create a web map using the Cadasta Platform, based on the ESRI ArcGIS Online product. A web map is an interactive display of geographic information that can be used to tell stories and answer questions. This handout will guide the project managers and trainers of trainees on how to create a web map using the information collected during the project or other relevant information related to the project.


1. Go to the Cadasta Platform home page and login using your username and password provided by Cadasta.

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2. Click on the Map button on the top menu bar.

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3. By default it will open a map window that you can add data to.

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Here you can change the basemap by choosing from the variety of options. Click on the Basemap button.

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4. Pick the basemap that you think it will best illustrate your dataset.

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5. Click on the Add button to put the data in your basemap.

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This can be done by choosing the following options:
a. Search for Layers
b. Browse Living Atlas Layers
c. Add Layer from Web
d. Add Layer from File
e. Add Map Notes

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6. To access the data associated with your account, click on Search for Layers and type the name of the layer.

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7. Select the data that you would like to use to create a web map.

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8. Click Add to Map or click on the (+) button.

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9. Once you are done adding your data, close the search for a layer window.

10. Click on the Details button to expand the details of the dataset you have added.

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11. You can explore the data attributes by clicking on the table.

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12. Style your dataset by clicking on Change Style.

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13. Configure pop-ups.

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14. Perform analysis.

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15. If you are going to share your Web Map, you need to:
a. Save the created web map by clicking on the Save button on the top menu.

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b. Enter the title, add a tag related with your web map and write a short descriptor to identify your web map. By default the Platform selects the folder associated with your login account.

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c. Click Save. Now you can share your web map with people from your organization or the public.
d. Select the option for sharing and click Done.

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