Technology Overview and Setup Module Syllabus





Identify and apply recommended technology specifications and configurations to project equipment and processesExplain minimum technology specifications for project hardware and discuss any additional configurations needed due to project requirements or conditions


List and describe major content categories in the Cadasta PlatformIdentify and demonstrate the application of Cadasta Platform content categories


Name the four user groups and user roles, and compare the different capabilities and responsibilities of eachDescribe the function, purpose, and application of user groups and user roles


Module Introduction

1. Pre-Module Skills Assessment (if not yet administered)

2. Review Module Learning Objectives

Part A: Equipment and Specification Needs

1. Equipment Overview and Specifications

a. Smartphone/Tablet > SV123
b. Web Browser > AGOL
c. GNSS Receivers and Needs Assessment
d. Optional Equipment

2. Platform Functionality Imagery Discussion, Probe

a. Introduce Imagery: Basemaps Drone Imagery
b. Introduce Imagery: Survey123
c. Imagery Needs Assessment

Part B: Platform Content Categories

1. Live Demo Platform Content Examples

2. Activity: Content Scavenger Hunt

3. Activity: Platform Content Group Trivia

Part C: Platform Roles and Corresponding Actions

1. Story Map Presentation: The Project Journey

2. User Roles Overview: Graphical Presentation of Roles

3. Creating and Sharing Platform Content

a. Live Demo
b. Worksheet Activity

Part D: Train the Trainer

1. Walk Through and Share Training Agenda with Prompts and Activity Guides

2. Activity Prompt: Teach Backs

3. Present Post-training Resources for Trainers

Questions and closing

1. Post-Module Skills Assessment

2. Present Post-training Resources