Creating an Operations Dashboard


The Cadasta platform has an option to add an operations dashboard to show statistics on progress being made during collection of the data and to show analytics of the data already in the platform. This document will show the steps needed to set this up in the platform.

Tools needed

  • ArcGIS Online or Cadasta Portal
  • Operations Dashboard


1. From the overview page of the web map you want to use as a basis of the Operation Dashboard, select Create Web App > Using Operations Dashboard. Input a title, tags, and summary and then the OK button when complete.

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2. You will see your map with a top menu bar of options to configure your dashboard. These allow for configuration of both layout and content.

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3. Add graphs and content to customize your dashboard. Select Save when complete. Depending on which layers you are basing your graphs off, you can see real-time updates of your project data collection. The demo project dashboard is Project Rose – Operations Dashboard.

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Resources for Using Operations Dashboard