Bulk downloading Survey123 attachments?

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We have a Survey123 survey question that collects an image as a question response. We can access and download these image attachments one at a time, form-by-form, from the Survey123 website but we would like to be able to bulk download all of the images at one time rather than doing them one by one.

We did some research and found that it is possible to bulk download the survey attachments using a Python script, but I am wondering if there is a simpler way to accomplish the task?


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Hi, Thanks for the question. There is a less complicated process using ArcGIS Pro desktop to extract attachments from a file geodatabase. We have outlined the process in the Knowledge Base How To article on Batch export attachments from a feature class in ArcGIS Pro.

Thanks again for your question, please leave us a comment if the information we provided was helpful.

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