How do I connect a GNSS receiver to my device?

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We want to increase the accuracy and precision of our data collection. We have a number of GNSS devices that we would like to use.

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Thank you for your submission to the Help Community, Juan. Many of Cadasta’s partners have and do use GNSS devices in the field to increase accuracy and precision.

Here is a list of commonly used GNSS receivers use:

Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
Bad Elf GNSS Pro
Bad Elf GNSS Pro+
Eos Arrow Lite
Eos Arrow 100
Eos Arrow 200
Eos Arrow Gold
Garmin GLO
Garmin GLO 2
Geneq SxBlue II
Geneq SxBlue III
Juniper Systems Geode
Leica GG03
Leica GG04
Leica Zeno 20
Trimble Catalyst
Trimble R8

Note, it is important to review the specifications of the GNSS receiver that the project would like to use to ensure it is supported by the appropriate NMEA technology, otherwise it will not work with Survey123.

Please take a look at these additional resources:

GNSS Pairing

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