I have two parcels that should be one. How can I fix this?

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A farmer has just sold his land to his neighbor so the two farms will now be one large farm. How can I fix my parcel data to show this change?

Mike Harrison Changed status to publish November 11, 2020

Hi Shreya, thank you for your question. There are multiple ways to go about solving this issue.

(1) You can edit your data, if you have a Project Manager type Platform account, in the Platform.

(2) Additionally, if you have access to ArcGIS Pro, you can edit in the Desktop application.

The most straightforward way to combine the two farms’ parcel data would be to edit your survey’s feature layer in the Platform. You can do this by following Editing Polygon Vertices.

You can also follow Deleting Vertices in ArcGIS Pro to achieve similar results. If you would like to know more about advanced geoprocessing functionality, take a look at this overview on the Data Management Tools.

Mike Harrison Changed status to publish November 11, 2020

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