We have parcel data that needs to be updated and added to. What application can we use?

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We have the need to collect new parcels in addition to our existing parcels for adjustments. How can Cadasta help us to do this?

Mike Harrison Changed status to publish November 11, 2020

Hello and thank you for your question. Cadasta can certainly help.

There are multiple ways in which your organization could collect new parcels in addition to your existing parcels for adjustments. Cadasta provides multiple fit-for-purpose solutions for our partners around the world. There are at least three options that your organization could take: (1) using a survey in Survey123 based on your existing data; (2) using your existing data in Collector to update; and (3) using Field Maps similar to the Collector approach. Please do get in touch with us at info@cadasta.org to further discuss these fit-for-purpose solution options.

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