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Converting and Adding Data from ODK to the Platform

Note: To successfully complete these steps, you must have a data set collected in the ODK format (via ODK Collect) and download the GeoODK desktop application

1. Copy the ODK-collected data onto your workstation

2. Follow the GeoODK Instructions to convert your data into a format that can be used in the Cadasta Platform:

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3. Navigate to the Cadasta Platform homepage

4. Sign in to your Cadasta account

5. Follow the steps in Adding a Feature Layer to ArcGIS Online:

  • Navigate to Content

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  • Select Add Item

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  • Select From my computer

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  • See the splash window, Add an item from my computer, appear

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  • Select Choose File
  • Navigate to the zipped shapefile folder

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  • Rename and fill in the Tags box on the new item

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  • Select Add Item