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How to Add GPS Data to ArcGIS Online Web Maps

Each organization lead will collect GPX files from their team members at the end of the field day work. It’s important to properly name the gpx files to avoid confusion during data processing.Each GPX file name should include the name of the data collector, the date and the name of the clan (e.g.) follow the instructions below to upload GPX files on Cadasta Platform.

1. Collect tracks, waypoints, or routes using your GPS device as you normally would

2. Connect your GPS device to your computer, and use your GPS software to transfer the data from the device to your computer

3. Save or export the GPS data on your computer to the GPS eXchange format (.gpx) as the file type

4. Login to the Cadasta Platform using your username and password

5. Open or create an existing or new web map

6. Add the GPX file to the new or existing web map by clicking Add and then select Add Layer from File:

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7. Press the Choose File button, browse to the location of your GPX file, select it, and click IMPORT LAYER

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8. Once imported, your GPX file will be displayed on the map. Depending on what you captured using your GPS device and exported to the GPX file, you may have sublayers you can toggle.

For example, if the GPS device captured both the track and waypoints, and both were exported in the GPX file. By default, only the track was visible after importing. To display other sublayers, click the layer name to reveal them, and check those you want to display.

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9. Save the GPX data layer by clicking on the 3 dots (…) to the right of GPX layer and choosing Save Layer

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10. Follow the Create Item dialog box to save the GPX data to your content

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Now that you have your GPS data on an ArcGIS web map you can change symbols, adjust transparency, and configure the pop-ups, just like other layers. Please refer to the following documents for more information about working with your GPS data in the Cadasta Platform.

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