Knowledge base

Creating a StoryMap

1. From the Cadasta Platform homepage, navigate to the App Launcher

null 600

2. Select the StoryMaps app

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3. A new browser window will open

null 602

4. Select Create My First Story

5. Select Map Journal

Note: Map Journal is one of many types of Story Map template types. You can choose whichever one you would like. In this example, a Map Journal template is used

null 603

6. The Map Journal Builder splash screen appears

7. Select Side Panel and then Start

null 604

8. The Map Journal Builder screen appears

Note: This is where you will build your StoryMap. If you had chosen a Map Tour template, then it would be called Map Tour Builder

null 605

9. Type in a title for your StoryMap and click the forward button (null 606)

null 607

10. The Add Home Section splash screen appears

Note: This is where you will add content to your story map. You will have the option to add one or more sections. This Main Stage content page is the first thing your audience will see and subsequent content sections must be navigated to.

null 608

11. Under Map map drop-down choose Select a map

null 609

12. In the next drop down, select My Organization

null 610

13. Select the Access to Water map

null 611

14. Click Next

null 612

15. The Side Panel Content splash screen appears

Note: This is where you can add multimedia content that will show up on the left of your map

null 613

16. Click Add

null 614

17. Here is the first section you just created

null 615

18. Click Add Section

null 616

19. A new section’s content splash screen appears

null 617

null 618

20. Repeat the same process again as done in content section one

null 618

null 619

21. Here is result of section two, “Access to Electricity”

null 620

22. Click Save

null 621

23. You can tell your StoryMap has been saved by the difference in the top-right corner

null 620

null 622

24. Here is your saved StoryMap

Note: It has not been shared

null 623

25. Click Share

null 624

26. The Share splash screen will appear

Note: It is set to private

null 625

27. Click Show story content to see the following

Note: There are no issues found and it is publically shared

null 626

28. Navigate back to the StoryMaps window

29.You will see your new StoryMap in the stories section

null 627

30. Click on your new StoryMap’s title to see additional options

Note: The StoryMap title in this example is “Project Rose: A Story Map”

null 628

31. Navigate back to the Cadasta Platform home page

32. Click Content and My Content

Note: You will see your new StoryMap in My Content

null 629

33. Click your new StoryMap to see the Item Details Page

null 630

34. Click Share

35. Select your User Group and click OK

Note: This example uses the Training Demo – Cadasta group

null 631

null 632

36. Navigate to your Groups page and you will see your new StoryMap in the Contents

null 633

37. Select your new StoryMap and it will open a new browser window

null 634

38. Log out of your account and close all browser windows or tabs when complete