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Creating Classic StoryMaps

1. Navigate to the ArcGIS StoryMap page and log in to your account

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2. Select Create New Story. You can select an existing StoryMap template or just start from scratch

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3. Building your StoryMap from scratch is a progressive document so just fill in content: titles, text, images, maps in the order you want (you can move this around after as well)

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4. The Content selection bar allows you to select which type of content you want to add such as images, maps, text and more

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5. After adding content, you can scale and design the portions and width of the new element to take up as much space as you want

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6. You can add maps from your existing ArcGIS maps. By selecting Maps, the page will direct you to your existing Map elements

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7. From here you can adjust the maps appearance or edit the central features of the map in ArcGIS by selecting Edit Map in ArcGIS

8. Add content as needed and then you can move elements around and edit until you think it’s all set! It is helpful to preview and test the design throughout by selecting Preview in the top Nav

9. Publish your StoryMap by selecting Publish! You might need to ask someone else in your organization if you do not have publishing permissions

10. After publishing the StoryMap make sure you share it with your group or the general public. You might need to ask someone else in your organization to help share if you do not have sharing permissions