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Setting Basemap Transparency

1. Navigate to the desired Web Map Item Details

null 770

2. Click Open in Map Viewer null 208

3. See the Web Map with a visible background image (Basemap Image Layer)

null 209

4. Click Content null 210

5. Click the Expand Arrow null 211of the Basemap Imagery Layer Group null 212to show the Basemap Layer(s)

Note: This example uses the Dark Gray Canvas Basemap Imagery Layer Group, which includes the Dark Gray Reference and Dark Gray Base Layers.

null 213

6. Click More Options null 214found under the desired layer

Note: This example shows the Dark Gray Base Layer.

null 215

7. Click or hover your mouse over Transparency

null 216

8. Set Transparency to 100% for any basemap imagery

9. See that there is no longer a basemap present

null 217

10. Click Save null 218