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Adding a Field to a Feature Layer

1. Navigate to the desired Web Map Item Details

null 759

2. Click Open in Map Viewer

null 97

3. See the Web Map

null 98

4. Click Content

null 99

5. Click the Show Table icon null 100 under the desired layer

Note: This example uses the Pradan geometry – Polygon layer

null 101

6. See the Table View

7. Click Options

null 102

8. Click Add Field

null 103

9. Fill out all content

Note: This example uses double type for its numerical field for area in hectares

null 104

10. Click Add New Field

11. See the new Field in the Table

Note: This example uses the Hectares field

null 105

12. Click on the field name, Hectares

13. Click on Calculate

null 107

14. The Calculate Field window appears

15. Fill out the SQL Expression

Expression: POWER(Shape__Area,2)/10000

Explanation: The Shape_Area field is in meters. In order to convert meters to hectares, you must base the expression on the following equation: Ha = m2/1,000null 109

16. Click Calculate

17. See that the Hectares field has been calculated