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Joining Two Feature Layers


Before joining features, please make sure the following has been done:

1. You are the owner of feature layer 1

2. You are the owner of feature layer 2

3. You know which Platform folder you can access


1. Navigate to the desired Web Map Item Details

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2. Click Open in Map Viewer null 151

3. See the Web Map

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4. Click Analysis

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4. See Perform Analysis sidebar

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5. Click Summarize Data

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6. See Summarize Data

null 156

7. Click Join Features

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8. See the Join Features Steps

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9. Choose your target layer (layer 1 mentioned in the pre-steps)

Note: This will be your geometry layer in this example

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10. Choose your join layer (layer 2 mentioned in the pre-steps)

Note: This will be your survey layer in this example

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11. Select the Join Type, Choose the fields to match

Note: This example bases the join on fields (tables) and not on geometry (spatial)

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12. Select the fields to join

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a. Select GlobalID (layer 1)

b. Select collectorID (layer 2)

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13. Choose Join Operation, Join one to many

Note: This example uses a one to many relationship but you could use a one to one relationship for other reasons

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14. Name the join and select the folder to save the join in (remember the folder from the pre-steps)

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15. Uncheck Use current map extent and check Create results as hosted feature layer view

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16. Click Run Analysis

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17. See your newly created Feature Layer in the Contents sidebar of the Web Map with the other Feature Layers