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Deleting a Collected Survey Polygon

1. Navigate to the your user group

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2. Scroll down to the Field Collector Map (Web Map) you used to create the polygons

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3. Select the Web Map

There are two ways:

a. Click the thumbnail and choose the Open in Map Viewer option

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b. Click the hyperlink, Show Item Details option

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(b. continued) Select Open in Map Viewer

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3. See the Map Viewer Overview

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4. Select Content

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5. See the Map Viewer Content Sidebar

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6. Hover the mouse over geometry polygon layer

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7. You will see multiple options. Select Show Table

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8. See Show Table view

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9. Click More Options within the table sub-window

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10. Select Show/Hide Columns

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11. You can toggle columns on and off by checking and unchecking the boxes next to the column names

Note: In this example, only the OBJECTID column is toggled on and showing

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See when additional columns are toggled on

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12. Click More Options

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13. Select Center on Selection

Note: The selected record in this example is OBJECTID 4

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14. See OBJECTID 4 Selection in Map Viewer

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15. Click on the selected polygon record to see the associated pop-up

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16. Select Edit in the pop-up to edit the polygon

17. See the Edit pop-up window

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18. Press Close to stop editing

19. Press Delete to delete the selected polygon feature