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Creating an Offline Map for Field Maps

It is best practice to use a different web map for each state, district, or even village. It ensures that there are minimal data layers and that those in other data collection areas are not accessing data that they have or will not collect.

Steps to creating an offline map for Field Maps:

1. Create a web map. Ensure that the baselayer, World Imagery for Export, is used

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2. Save your web map

3. Share your web map with the same user group that your survey is in. See this example used for sharing a feature layer. See these steps for another way to share:

  • On the new web map’s item details page, click the Overview tab and click Share
  • Click OK to close the Share dialog box.

4. Enable offline use for the web map by navigating to the web map’s item description page. Select Settings and press Save when you are done

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5. Open Field Maps App and find the map that you just created, saved, shared, and enabled for offline use

Other Resources for Offline Maps: