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Map Viewing in Field Maps


User will understand the functionality of Map Viewer and how to download offline maps with Field Maps from maps or web maps already available to their workspace in the Cadasta Platform.


Understanding how to log in to the Cadasta Platform, create, and save maps with some feature layers.


1. Go to the App Store or the Google Play store depending on your device’s system

image 22

2. Type ArcGIS Field Maps and then press on the download button, to download it on to your device

image 23

3. Open the Field Maps app by pressing on the icon shortcut available on the menu of your device

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4. A map can be found by scrolling down, by searching in group, content, or by typing the name

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5. To download a map, press the download button

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6. Once downloaded, we can just press the name of the map or web map and it will be opened

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If your map does not appear on the list from Step 4…

1. Go to Cadasta Platform in the map section and click on the map you would like to use in Field Maps

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2. Go to the Settings and scroll down. There are two check boxes, one for use in ArcGIS Collector and the other in Field Maps mobile. If unchecked, the map will not show up

null 951

3. Check the ArcGIS Field Maps Mobile check box and then click Save

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4. Go back to the Field Maps app on the mobile device to now find the map. Press now on download button next to the name to start download the map

null 957

5. When the download is finished, press on the name to open the map. The map package is now available offline on your device

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