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Snapping in ArcGIS Field Maps

The following gives a brief overview of Field Maps and the purpose of the snapping tool.

ArcGIS Field Maps Overview

  • An all-in-one app that uses data-driven maps to help fieldworkers perform mobile data collection and editing
  • Can find assets and information
  • Ability to report real-time locations
  • An efficient field app
  • Powered by field maps
  • Streamlines the critical workflows field personnel use every day
  • Same data

Snapping Overview

If you need to use part of the location of an existing asset or observation to define the location of a new (or updated) asset or observation, consider snapping instead of copying the entire location as shown in these steps. You can use snapping to snap your point to an existing point of an existing line or a polygon.

Steps to Snap:

1. On your Maps list, tap Profile (blue person icon on the top left of the left screenshot)

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2. While in the collection section of the profile, click on Snapping

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3. Enable Snapping

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4. Begin capturing your asset or observation

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5. While providing its location, use the location of an existing point (including one that is part of a length or area) by moving the map so the point with the location you need to use is near the location target

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6. An orange dot will appear over the existing point and lift your finger from the map to release and click Add Point and a green checkmark will appear once it is documented

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7. The location moves (snaps) to the existing point and drops a white point. Repeat the process as needed

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8. Return to your Profile and go back to the Maps list