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Search Tool Functionality in Field Maps


User will be able to search for addresses or attributes from the data in Field Maps, using settings and configurations accessed through the Cadasta Platform.


Users have access to Cadasta platform, have maps or web maps available in the platform and having access to Field Maps app.


1. Log in to Cadasta Platform and select the map or web map you want to use

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2. To configure a web map so your features are searchable, go to the Settings

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3. Select on what field from the Application Settings checkboxes you would like to make searchable. You can also add multiple layers by clicking Add Layer and multiple fields for the same layer

4. Save your Map by clicking on the Save button

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5. Go to Field Maps app

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6. Apply the setting by clicking on the three dots and choose Reload Map. The new searchable map will appear

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7. Open the map

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8. When you search for an attribute, you will have suggestions from the geocoder

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9. You will see your feature when you choose a search. It lets you search for whatever you have configured in your feature layers from Cadasta Platform

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