Part A Handout

Data Collection Dos and Don’ts


This handout provides data collectors with a helpful list of dos and don’ts when surveying. It provides some guiding points on how to collect data in the field using the Survey123 mobile app.


  • Be prepared with an introduction script outlining why your organization is conducting the survey and what the data is meant to do
  • Be sure to obtain consent from each survey respondent. This is necessary and important in order to ensure that the participation in the survey is voluntary. The request for consent and your explanation will help potential participants understand to agree (or to not agree) to take part in the survey
  • Pair together a male and female data collector to conduct the surveys as it will increase trust from respondents in certain areas or circumstances. If this is not possible, be aware of gender and other cultural considerations that may influence accurate surveys
  • Seek a stable internet connection, an area with good WiFi or cellular data connectivity, after each day of surveys and be sure to submit the survey data
  • Be sure to remain in the same place for at least 2 minutes (more if this is a forested area), when collecting a point on the survey form map to ensure that the location is correctly recorded
  • Ensure that when you collect the parcel shape on the survey form map that it corresponds to the actual shape in the field. You can verify this by zooming in as much as possible or confirming the shape created whilst walking around the parcel and editing the shape before submitting


  • Don’t take photos of media that are copies of original documents. Try to only capture photos, scans, etc of the original items. This will help ensure the readability of text inside the images
  • Don’t forget to submit all surveys when you have WiFi or cellular data access so that your mobile device does not incur additional storage