Part C Handout #1

Survey Form Field Completion and Sending an Offline Survey Form


This is a step-by-step guide on how to complete a survey form during the data collection, as well as how to save and submit the information while working in a remote environment with no connectivity.


1. Navigate in your device and look for Survey123.

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2. Login using your personal account credentials.

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3. Look for the survey form related to the specific activity. Note that this step assumes that the survey form has been already downloaded to the device. If the survey form was not downloaded prior to this activity, look up for the menu toolbar in the upper right corner of your Survey123 application and click Download Survey.

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4. Click on the survey form and navigate to the first page. Note that this page contains various features: the name of the survey, often with a thumbnail of the organization; the owner name; dates of creation and modification and a collect button.

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5. Click on the Collect button to start collecting the information.

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6. Navigate page-by-page filling out the questionnaire.

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7. Depending on the complexities of the survey, it might be required to capture points, polygons, images, and videos.

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8. To do this for each feature:

Points: collect the point by clicking on the check sign in the lower right corner of the Survey123 application screen

Polygons: use the vertex option to collect and connect each vertex of the poligon

Images: capture the image by clicking on the camera icon

Videos: record the video by clicking on the video record icon

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9. Navigate collecting all the required responses to the last page of the form using a forward button.

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10. When completing the last page of the survey form, click on the checking icon in the lower right side of the survey.

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11. A message will pop out Survey Completed displaying three options: 1. Send now; 2. Continue this survey or; 3. Save this survey in the outbox.

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12. Since the data collection has been conducted in the environment without connectivity, you should save this survey by clicking the option to Save this survey in the Outbox.

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13. The survey will automatically be saved in the outbox and return to the initial page of the survey.

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14. Below the Collect button it will generate an Outbox button with the number of surveys completed.

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15. To submit the completed surveys when connected to the internet:

  1. Click on the Outbox button
  2. On the lower right side of the application screen, there is a Send icon

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16. Click send and all the surveys previously saved will be submitted. To confirm the process, a Sent report will be generated below the Collect button in the initial page of the survey.

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