Part A Activity Prompt #1


Participants will describe the background, context, goals, audience, and the use case of the project. They should highlight the concept of data use and the need for data visualization that will address the issues of a specific audience of the project.


10 minutes for discussion within the group and 3 minutes for presentation.


This activity requires a flip chart.


1. In order to conduct this activity, the participants must be divided into groups of two. Ensure that the groups are equally represented, meaning each group should be gender-balanced.

2. Each group should designate one focal group speaker.

3. Each group member should put their knowledge and ideas forward to the group.

4. Each group gets 10 minutes for discussion within the group. Write down the appropriate responses on the flip chart.

5. Both groups are invited to present their findings in 3 minutes. At the end of the presentations, there will be a space for knowledge sharing for 5 minutes.

6. The facilitator summarizes the findings (Project goals, Use Case, Audience Type, and Question Types) in a new flip chart and sticks that on the front wall.