Part B Activity Prompt

Compare and Contrast: Web map and Dashboard


In this activity, the trainer will lead the group in an activity where participants compare and contrast the purpose, use and application of web maps and dashboard on the Cadasta Platform. This activity prompts each training participant to reflect on and use information from the presentations at the beginning of Part B in this module. The trainer facilitates this activity by requesting responses and reflections from the participants.


No more than 20 minutes for discussion, if the activity is done with a single group


This activity requires flip charts and markers.


1. Begin the activity by writing web map and Dashboard at the top of separate sheets of flip chart paper.

2. Ask for a volunteer to serve as the recorder for the exercise, writing down responses given by the class on each flip chart.

3. Then prompt participants to reflect on the examples of web maps and Dashboards that they have just seen.

4. Begin by asking participants to describe what a web map is, what it can be used for, and maybe even when it might not be effective. Aim for no fewer than five contributions on the flip chart.

5. Repeat the process for Dashboards.

6. Get the group to compare and contrast the two lists by adding to one or both lists, commenting on aspects, etc.

7. At the end, the facilitator summarizes the contributions of the class for each data visualization option to better help participants be able to know when and how to effectively use web maps and Dashboards.


If the number of training participants exceeds ten people, the trainer may choose to divide the classroom into small groups. This may require additional time for the activity in order to allow for each group to present their reflections to the full group.