Part D Activity Prompt

Webmap and Dashboard Teach-Backs


This activity prompt will guide trainers through the steps of leading a teach-back activity with project managers at the end of the data analysis and visualization training module. Participants will take on the role of a trainer, leading a group of data collectors to create a web map or Dashboard component from scratch.


90 minutes total (approximately ⅓ of the time should be used by groups for preparation and then ⅔ of the time will be used for group presentations and reactions to each group presentation)



1. Assess the number of training participants and divide the group into groups of no more than three persons, with an equal number of people in each group if possible.

2. Depending on the number of groups, assign one the following activities to each group for their teaching to the full group. Alternate between the list of items for web maps and Dashboards.

Web maps
Create a web map from scratch
Add layers from the Cadasta Platform and from Living Atlas
Change label features and symbology on an existing web map and save the map

Add a web map to a Dashboard
Create an indicator visual and place it onto a Dashboard
Create a pie chart visual and place it onto a Dashboard
Create a gauge visual and place it onto a Dashboard
Create a serial chart visual and place it onto a Dashboard

3. Once the assignments are given, ask each group to develop a 5-10 minute lesson plan for their assigned topic.

4. Give participants 30 minutes to develop a plan for their lesson.

5. Have each group teach their lessons to the full group. After each lesson, lead a 5-10 minute feedback session and debrief each lesson.

6. After all groups present, lead a debrief to reflect on patterns across the group presentations.