Part B Demonstration Script


This script is to be used for presenting live the step-by-step process of downloading and installing Survey123 on different types of mobile devices.


  • The devices that trainers and participants are working from have the required operating system (OS) to run the Survey123 application
  • The tile package file and survey form are developed and finalized, and ready for download


1. Demonstrate how to navigate to Google Play (for Android), Apple Store (for iOS) or Microsoft Store (for Windows devices).

2. Show how to type “Survey123” in the search box and look for the Survey123 for ArcGIS app.

3. Demonstrate how to download the application by clicking on it. Note that depending on the device, the application will be downloaded to the applications folder.

4. Show how to install the application downloaded on the device.

5. Once the application is installed in the device, demonstrate how to login using the person’s ESRI account, provided by Cadasta Foundation.

6. Demonstrate how to navigate in the application by describing each of the many features. For example: GPS Signal; Survey Forms; Imagery.

7. Demonstrate how to download existing surveys associated with that particular account, as per following steps:
a. Navigate to My Survey123 page
b. Find the Download surveys button and click
c. Identify the survey of your interest
d. Download to your device

8. Show how to find the downloaded survey by:
a. Navigate back to the main screen
b. Locate the recently downloaded survey on the home screen

9. Some surveys will require the use of offline imagery. This step assumes that the offline map package files have been created during the pre-training phase. Show how to download the existing offline imagery as per following:
a. Click on the survey for which you would like to download imagery
b. Go to the menu option by clicking the icon with the three bars at the top right
c. Click on the Offline Maps option
d. Find the respective imagery (often saved with its respective name)
e. Click on the imagery to download it

10. Ask training participants if they have any questions.