Part A Activity Prompt #2


This activity prompt will guide trainers through the steps of leading a paired interview activity with data collectors at the beginning of the data collection training module. Participants will take turns playing the role of a data collector visiting a household targeted for survey participation.


No more than 30 minutes


1. Pair the participants into groups of two. You may choose to be creative and fun to pair the participants based on the color of clothes they are wearing, birthday month, draw names, etc.

2. Explain to the pairings that they will be acting out the initial interaction between a data collector conducting the survey and a household member responding to the survey request. Ask each group to identify who will play the role of the data collector and who will take on the role of the household member.

3. Next, ask the participants to imagine that they are in a small local village (or urban community depending on the training audience) to collect data. After the data collector and household member exchange pleasantries, the resident asks the data collector the purpose of their visit. Ask the data collector:
a. How would they introduce themself?
b. How would you describe your project and the reason that you are there?
c. How will you convince the person to take part in the survey?

4. Remind them that a good introduction should be brief, but clearly communicate the purpose of their visit and benefits of participating in the survey. At the end of the introduction, they should ask the respondent if they are willing to be a part of the survey.

5. When communicating to the respondent, you should be enthusiastic, loud (not too loud), clear, straight to the point and engage with your body language (you can use gestures, smile, maintain eye contact etc). Additionally, the introduction should be practiced so that it feels natural when communicating.

6. If groups finish in their roles early, ask them to switch roles and repeat the exercise.

7. After all the pairs have had their turns, the trainer will bring the larger group together and ask for two volunteers to share their experiences on the activity. Prompt the volunteers to share any lessons they have learned:
a. What they liked about their partners’ approach to the activity
b. What they wished they did better in the activity and
c. What they could have done differently (removed/added) in the activity

8. After both volunteers share their observations, the trainer may ask the larger group for any additional feedback on the activity and then summarize all of the reflections and suggestions for implementing the best practices when they are conducting surveys.