Part C Demonstration Script


This script is to be used for presenting live the step-by-step process of completing offline data collection using the survey form and various saving options.


The devices that trainers and participants are working from have the Survey123 app downloaded and installed.


1. Go to the Survey123 app on your mobile device.

2. In the app, navigate to the My Survey123 page and click on the survey form you will be using for this demonstration.

3. Press the Collect button at the bottom of the screen to view the questions for this survey. Date and time will be captured automatically as you fill the form. Questions earmarked (*) are mandatory, to complete the survey. Take the participants through filling in the different types of questions.

4. After filling the survey click on the tick sign, on the right in the green ribbon at the bottom of the screen, to finish the survey.

5. Then click on the Save this survey in the outbox option.


The GNSS Device used is Trimble R1. The app required for the next steps is GNSS Status Utility.

1. Download the GNSS Status Utility app from the Google Play (for Android), Apple Store (for IOS) or Windows (for computers).

2. Turn on the GNSS receiver on the app by pressing the power button.

3. Enable bluetooth pairing mode for the GNSS receiver.

4. Turn on the R1 GNSS by pressing the power button.

5. Put the R1 on bluetooth mode. When the lights start flashing, hold down the power button for five seconds until the left light indicator flashes blue repeatedly.

6. Go to the settings on your mobile device. Go to the connection settings and turn on the bluetooth settings, if it is not on already.

7. Navigate back to the GNSS Status Utility app on your phone.

8. At the app home screen, you will be able to see if any receiver is connected.

9. If there is no receiver connected, tap on SELECT NEW RECEIVER at the bottom.

10. You will now see a list of bluetooth devices that are available for connection.

11. The GNSS receiver will be denoted as GNSSXXXX (the X’s being the last four digits in the serial number).

12. Tap on it. The connection button on the right will then show an accuracy estimation and the battery level.