GIS Overview and Mapping Module Pre and Post Test Answer Key


This test is intended to gauge your knowledge of GIS and mapping concepts. The assessment is used both before and after the training session to measure learning progress and comprehension. Use this answer key to grade participant quizzes and measure each participant’s improvement upon completion of the training module.


1. a. Electricity

2. a. Vector Data

3. a. Point
b. Lines
d. Polygons

4. c. Point

5. a. Polygon

6. b. Line

7. a. Polygon

8. d. Water body
f. Trees

9. a. A good map ensures that the most important elements are at the top of this hierarchy and the least important are at the bottom
b. Not all elements need to be present in a map
c. Scale bars and north arrows need not be present in every map
d. Title and other text elements should be concise and to the point
e. Maps may include text elements such as labels and ancillary text blocks