Part A Activity Prompt #1


In this activity participants will be able to understand the different spatial data types- points, lines & polygons and how they are presented in a GIS environment. Participants will describe the background, context, goals, audience, and the use case of the project.


  • Assorted marker pens
  • Flip charts
  • Sticky notes


10 minutes for group activity and 5 minutes for presentation


1. In order to conduct this activity, the participants should be divided into groups of two or more. Ensure that the groups are equally represented, gender-balanced, composed with participants of different GIS skills.

2. PLPs creation using participant bodies.

3. Identification of the different spatial elements: Ask participants to identify on a flipchart, how different spatial elements in their surrounding will be represented in a map.

4. Mention different spatial elements and ask the training participants to denote how they will represent them in a map.

5. Write the responses in a flip chart.

6. Divide participants into multiple groups for the group activity (next step).

7. Group activity: Ask the participants to draw a sketch map of the training area and denote polygon in blue, lines in red, and points in black.

8. Each group mounts their presentations on the wall.

9. Give each group five minutes to present their maps.

10. At the end of the presentations, there will be a space for knowledge sharing for 5 minutes.

11. The facilitator summarizes the key different spatial data types and how they were represented on the map.