Part A Activity Prompt #3


This activity prompt will guide trainers through a participatory activity to discuss the various real world GIS applications.


30 minutes total


  • Flipcharts
  • Assorted markers or pens


1. Assess the number of training participants and divide the group into different smaller groups, with an equal amount of people in each group if possible.

2. Assign each group one of the following GIS application to discuss and present to the full group:

a. Mapping
b. Urban Planning
c. Public Health
d. Transportation Planning
e. Community Development
f. Disaster Risk and Management
g. Agriculture Value Chain
h. Surveying
i. Geology
j. Natural Resource Management

3. Ask each group to discuss in about 10 minutes how GIS has been applied in a particular field taking into consideration their country, province, or village.

4. Give participants five minutes to present and explain their choice and its application in the context chosen.

5. After all groups present, lead a debrief to reflect on patterns across examples given and the context chosen.


If there are fewer participants in this training activity, the trainer may choose to assign each group with one or more of the GIS application fields.