Part D Activity Prompt

GIS Module Teach Backs


This activity prompt will guide trainers through the steps of leading a teach back activity with project managers at the end of the GIS overview and mapping training module. Participant groups will take on the role of a trainer leading other trainees on a topic discussed in Part A, B and C.


90 minutes total


  • Computer with internet
  • Projector
  • StoryMap links and activity prompts used in this training module


1. Assess the number of training participants and divide them into three groups.

2. Assign one part of the training module to each group: A, B and C.

3. Now ask each group to pick one of the activities or StoryMaps from their assigned part of the training module to teach back to the larger group.

4. Give groups approximately 20-30 minutes to review the activity prompt or StoryMap and develop a plan to present the lesson.

4. Have each group teach their lessons to the full group.

5. After each lesson, lead a 5-10 minute discussion to debrief and collect feedback on each lesson.

6. After all groups present, lead a debrief to reflect on patterns across teach-backs.


If there are fewer than six participants in this training activity, the trainer may choose to assign each participant a lesson to teach, and have participants present as individuals.