Part B Activity Prompt #1


This activity builds off of the training curriculum for the Technology Overview and Setup Module. In this activity, you will be instructed to navigate to different parts of the Cadasta Platform content categories to search for different content pages. The trainer reads out the navigation instructions. Trainees must take a screenshot of the page and send the trainer their answers via email in order to complete the activity.The activity prompts indicate where to screenshot. Alternatively, the trainer can give participants each a copy of the instructions and walk around as participants navigate to the screens. The trainer must check off each time a participant gets to the correct page.



1. Navigate to the Home screen. From there, find the Cadasta FAQ page and take a screenshot of the FAQ page.


1. Go to the Map category. Change the Basemap to Cadasta Green and take a screenshot.

2. From there, click Add. Switch from My Content to ArcGIS Online. Search for USA Forest Type. Add it to your map and take a screenshot.


1. Navigate to the Groups category. Go to the group at the top of the list that you are a member of. Take a screenshot of recently added content on the group you are in.

2. Got back to the Groups tab. Choose the My Organization’s Groups subcategory. Take a screenshot of the Basemaps Library Group.


1. Click on Gallery. Find the Project Rose Dashboard – Overview.

2. Open the dashboard and screenshot it.


1. Go to the Content page. Navigate to Living Atlas from the blue menu bar at the top right. Filter by Region and choose Argentina.

2. Then choose the Argentina Average Household Size map (the first option). Screenshot the page that opens.


1. Cadasta FAQ page

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4. Participant screenshots may vary from this example.

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