Part C Activity Prompt


Participants will discuss the project goals, determine if imagery is needed and then review the different aspects of the imagery based on the project characteristics.


10 minutes for discussion within the group and three minutes for presentation



1. Explain the purpose of this activity and divide the participants into two or three groups. Each group should have at least three people with equal representation of gender, if possible.

2. Give each group the Handout: Imagery Needs Assessment document and review the different questions and recommended imagery to ensure everyone understands.

3. Ask each group to discuss the project goals and try to answer each guiding question. The groups should come to a conclusion regarding the need for imagery and which imagery source is required.

4. Each group should have a representative who will summarize the discussions and explain to the other group what was the conclusion drawn and how they reached this conclusion.

5. Leave time for questions for each group presentation.

6. When all groups have finished their presentation, summarize the discussion points and suggest further resources for clarification of any open questions.


If it seems that groups are reaching a consensus on the imagery needs, you could suggest to document a recommended imagery source on a flip-chart or some other form of media.