Part B Demonstration Script


This script is to be used to describe and walkthrough content categories on Cadasta’s Platform, based on ESRI’s ArcGIS Online product.


  • Trainees have an understanding on how to log in to Cadasta’s Platform.
  • The trainees’ accounts contain some information (data) in the groups associated with the organization’s project.


1. Explain that you will walk through and demonstrate the main components and features of the Platform, including detailed description of each of the menu toolbar items.

2. Demonstrate the Cadasta Platform login process using the respective account credentials.

3. Click on the Home menu bar and describe all the features in the panel interface.

4. Next, click on the Gallery in the menu toolbar and navigate through the collection of maps, apps, and other contents associated with the portal or organization.

5. Then click on the Map tab and describe the key elements: Details; Add; Basemap; Analysis.

6. Click on the Groups tab and navigate through the main features, describing the following items: My Groups; Featured Groups; My Organization’s Groups.

7. Click on the Content tab and describe the process of creating and adding content. Navigate through and explain one by one each of these items: My Content, My Favorites, My Groups, My Organization, and Living Atlas.

8. Click on the Organizations menu bar and detail the key components.