Part B Activity Prompt #2


Below is a list of trivia questions (answers can be found at the bottom).



1. How many base maps are available on the Cadasta Platform?

2. Add 2019 USA Population Density map. What is the population density of Texas (the state that has Houston in it)?


3. Go to Gallery and filter by Web Maps under Item Type. How many web maps appear?


4. How many members are there in the group you are in?

5. What are the names of the three featured groups?


6. Go to Content. How many content subcategories appear in the blue menu bar?

7. Go to Content and navigate to Living Atlas from the blue menu bar. Choose the World Imagery map (the first option). When was this map created?


1. 23 Basemaps
2. 99 people per square mile
3. 8
4. 11
5. Esri Maps and Data, Web Application Templates, ArcGIS for Local Government
6. 5
7. Dec 12, 2009