Part A Activity Prompt


In this activity, each trainee will be given a bingo sheet, which is attached below. This is intended to be a short icebreaker activity which will get participants moving and more familiar with each other. Some squares relate to the continuum of land rights, other squares are about personal lives. It is designed to have participants engage with each other and learn something about fellow participants, i.e. break the ice.


  • Have a printed bingo sheet prepared for each trainee, pens/pencils, and if possible, small value prizes for each participant when they get ‘Bingo’
  • Give each participant a bingo sheet. Participants must then move around the room looking for others to fill in their signature on a square that applies to them until they have ‘Bingo.’ Participants may only sign another’s card once
  • Allow between 10-20 minutes for this activity


Rents land and/or dwelling

Has more than one piece of land in my name

Can speak more than one language

Has two or more sisters

Has a birthday this month

Checks social media everyday

Likes to drink tea

Regularly uses communally owned land

Lives in a village

Has a motorbike

My name is on my land document

Has a deed or title for my land



Does not have documentation for my land

Likes to dance

Does not have any pets

Lives with family members

Use my land for farming

Likes to read fiction books

Inherited my land

Lives in a city

Likes gardening

Is married

Can access an updated map of my community

Is the youngest child