Part D Activity Prompt


This activity prompt will guide trainers through the steps of leading a teach back activity with project managers at the end of the Cadasta and land rights training module. Participants will take on the role of a trainer leading a group of data collectors in learning about the continuum of land rights as well as the Bundle of Rights.


1 hour total



1. Assess the number of training participants and divide the group into two smaller groups, with an equal amount of people in each group if possible.

2. Assign each group one of the following activities to teach back to the full group:
a. Continuum of Land Rights
b. Bundle of Rights

3. Ask each group to develop a five minute abridged lesson plan for their assigned topic.

4. Give participants 15 minutes to develop a plan for their lesson.

5. Have each group teach their lessons to the full group. After each lesson, lead a 5-10 minute feedback debrief of each lesson.

6. After all three groups present, lead a debrief to reflect on patterns across teach-backs.


If there are fewer than six participants in this training activity, the trainer may choose to assign each participant one of the two teach back activities, and have participants present as individuals.