Part B Discussion Prompt #1

Placing Items on the Continuum


In this activity participants connect land rights scenarios that they are familiar with the organization and sequencing of the continuum of land rights.


A laminated print-out of the continuum of land rights graphic
Dry erase markers


30-60 minutes, depending on the group size and discussion length


The trainer has a solid understanding of the land rights continuum and has the ability to draw out these concepts in the comments and stories given by the participants.


1. Give participants 5 minutes to think of a situation they are familiar with or a story they have heard that involves land rights. Prompt them to write it down if it will help them remember when asked to share.

2. Ask participants to share their stories one by one.

3. As each example or story is given, attempt to place the scenario on the continuum graphic using a dry erase marker to capture the main points as they relate to land rights. If a participant has not given enough detail or you want to tease out nuances to their examples, you should feel comfortable asking them follow up questions to clarify or get them to consider additional information.

4. As the graphic begins to fill with more responses, be sure to prompt discussion about the placement of one scenario in relation to the others. Ask participants to give comments and feedback about the placement process, and ask them to consider what changes to the scenario would impact the placement.

5. Once all responses are collected, the facilitator then summarizes the exercise by pointing out the key concepts of the continuum of land rights across the series of inputs given by the group.