Part D Resource List


This guide provides information on the existing sources of information on the country specific Land Administration and Tenure Systems.


Country Land Profiles

Coverage: Global

The USAID Land Links site has a lot of information about land tenure, cross sector impact, and U.S. government land initiatives. It also provides profiles on the land sector in countries all over the world.

World Development Indicators

Coverage: Global

The DataBank is compiled of Information collected by the World Bank. You can see the development status of various countries and search by health and development indicators.

State of Open Data

Coverage: Global

This State of Open Data site explains the importance of open data and community input in collecting land sector information.


Coverage: Global

Prindex collects and displays information on perceptions of property security globally.

Land Portal

Coverage: Global

Land Portal’s Land Governance Country Portfolios include an analysis about the land governance situation in the country and provide access to several news articles, blogs and events associated with land issues in that country.