Part A Discussion Prompt


In this activity participants will be able to openly discuss and identify what land rights means to them and the community they live in. The participants will identify the different rights that they have over the piece of land that they access or own and bring out the elements of rights, responsibilities, and restrictions that come with access and ownership of land.


20 minutes for the group activity and 20 minutes for presentation


Flip chart


1. The trainer introduces the concept of land rights:

a. Definition of land rights
b. Why land rights are important
c. The concept of the Bundle of Rights

2. The participants should then be divided into groups of three or more people. Ensure that the groups are equally represented, gender-balanced, and composed of participants from different sectors and/or locations.

3. Every individual in a group will identify the different land rights that they have as individuals and as a community.

4. Start the discussion by asking these questions to the participants:

a. Please identify from the Bundle of Rights, the land rights you have as an individual and as a community
b. What are the challenges you face as far as land rights are concerned as an individual and as a community
c. How are the different land rights recorded
d. What are the opportunities for registering the different land rights

5. Each group will have to discuss the different perceptions of land rights and how they fit on the Bundle of Rights. The responses will be written on a flip chart.

6. Give each group five minutes to present their listed Bundle of Rights.

7. At the end, the trainer summarizes the different perceptions of land rights and how they fit in the Bundle of Rights.