Data Analysis and Visualization Videos and External Resources

Creating Web Maps

Creating and Using Dashboards


Creating an Online Map
Step by step instructions with pictures on creating a web map.

Introduction to Map Viewer
An overview of Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online, which is used to create web maps.

Creating an Operations Dashboard
Step by step instructions with screenshots on creating a new operations dashboard in ArcGIS online.


All links in this section can be found at the ESRI website.

Introduction to Web Maps
This page includes general information about web maps, including why and when to use to use them. Scroll down further on the page for explanations on how to create and display web maps using different applications.

Create a Web Map
This website details step by step instructions on how to create, edit and, save a web map in ArcGIS Online.

Dashboard Essentials
ESRI’s detailed description of all dashboard essentials with instructions. This page covers everything from formatting a dashboard layout to saving and sharing your finished work.

Dashboard Elements
Once you have a hold on all the dashboard essentials, take a look at this page for everything else that you can add to a dashboard, which could be anything from a map legend and a side panel to lists and embedded content.

Understand Data Sources
This article discusses different data types that can be used in your dashboard, how to add that data, and how to filter by data when viewing a dashboard.

Format Data
This article provides explanations for how to format certain data within your dashboards, including dates, unit prefixes, and formatted numbers and special characters.

Choosing the Right Colors for you Dashboard
This ArcGIS blog discusses how the colors of your dashboard can enhance the meaning behind your data and make it a better experience for viewers.

Provide Context to your Dashboard Indicators
This ArcGIS blog examines three techniques to add context to the data in your dashboard through: applying situation-based styling; comparing your metric to a baseline; and normalizing your metric. This is more advice on how to enhance the meaning of your data through visualization.